Reaffirming Commitment to the Candidates’ Covenant

On the eve of General Assembly, I want to say how pleased I am by the way the Morales team has conducted our campaign. We have offered a positive vision of what is possible for Unitarian Universalism and a clear and practical plan for how to get there. We have also maintained a respectful tone towards our opponent, the Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman, in keeping with the joint Candidates’ Covenant which we issued jointly in April:

“We jointly pledge to campaign in a spirit of mutual affirmation. We highly respect and admire each other. We view this campaign as an opportunity for constructive debate and creative exploration of the future of the Unitarian Universalist Association. We ask our supporters to show respect to both candidates and to keep discussion respectful and positive, in the spirit of our religious community.”

I write this now to reaffirm my commitment to this Covenant and to urge all my supporters to campaign joyfully in that spirit even if they encounter negativity in the heat of the final days of campaigning at GA: May we join in a spirit of openness and reconciliation as we share our vision of growth for the UUA in spirit, vitality, numbers and diversity; engagement in the great moral issues of our time, and open and accountable governance.

I extend my welcome to Laurel’s supporters, as well as those who are undecided. I am confident that in the next UUA presidency we can unite to make creative use of the diverse insights and talents in our Association.


Peter Morales


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