Open letter from Peter Morales as Election Day nears

Dear Fellow Unitarian Universalists,

In a few days we will elect a new president of our Association. This may be the most important election in our history. Our choice will set the direction of our movement at a time of great social change and at a crucial time in our history.

Ultimately, this decision is religious and spiritual. It is a decision about who we are called to be as a religious people. I believe, and have always believed, that we are called to embrace the future. We are called to be a more powerful voice for compassion, justice and environmental stewardship. We are called to be a religious home to millions of seekers – seekers from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. We are called to transform lives as we nurture our spiritual communities. In short, I believe we are called to be “the religion for our time.”

This call to new possibilities is the same call heard by Michael Servetus, William Ellery Channing, Hosea Ballou and Susan B. Anthony. They heard the call of a transformed future. The ability to envision a new world and the determination to bring it into being is the core of who we are as a religious people.

This is a time of exhilarating possibility and a time of profound need. We are becoming a multiracial, multicultural nation. Millions are finding the religious traditions of the past inadequate. We can be the religious home for millions of seekers and for the spiritually hungry.

This is a time of anxiety, fear and tribalism. Hatred and ignorance drive people to violence and to oppress others. Greed threatens life on our planet. This is a time that calls us to be a powerful, angry, and gentle voice for love, understanding and stewardship.

This is a historic opportunity we must not miss. Together we can transform our faith. Together we can answer the ancient and timeless call to embrace possibility.

This campaign is ultimately about answering the call to be “the religion for our time.” Together we can do it. We must do it.

I want to be president to help lead us as we answer our call. I ask for your vote—and for much more. I ask for your commitment, energy and passion. Together we can lead this faith we love into a new era.


Peter Morales


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