UUA Trustee Linda Laskowski: Why I Support Morales

Passion, inspiration and practicality: Why I support Peter Morales
for UUA President

Though I applaud the efforts coming directly from 25 Beacon Street over the past few years to increase our visibility, if this faith is saved from irrelevance it will be because most of our 1000+ congregations are able to perceive the need for change and move in the direction that keeps us relevant. I believe Peter Morales is a
leader who will inspire our congregations to make those changes and I enthusiastically endorse him to be the next president of the UUA.

Linda Laskowski

Linda Laskowski

I first “met” Peter as many of you have through his “drive time essay” about “repelling fewer visitors” that the UUA distributed on CD. I appreciated his passion for the subject, and the very practical approach to making a difference in our congregations by simply paying attention. I met him in person two years ago at the Pacific Central District Assembly, long before he declared his candidacy — and for the next two years quoted his statistics on how many people had friends they could really talk to, and how welcoming visitors was the
moral equivalent of sheltering the homeless and feeding the hungry. I watched him engage the congregational leaders around him at the assembly. He was smart, engaging, and thought outside the box of what had been my UU experience to that point, probably because he had an unusual set of experiences prior to becoming a minister.

There is huge potential for Unitarian Universalism to make a difference in the lives of millions, both directly and through our impact on the institutions around us, but not on the trajectory we are on. Remaining at merger levels of 165,000 members or so is not a good thing when the United States population has increased by two thirds since 1961.

I believe Peter Morales is the right leader for a faith that is at a crossroads. Conditions in society today suggest a fundamental shift in how people live their lives, a turning towards values that resonate with Unitarian Universalism. It is essential that we turn outward, and do so with the sense of urgency that Peter brings. I believe we do offer much to a hurting world, and through working with like-minded individuals and alliances can be part of “saving” it — and in the process save ourselves and this faith we love.

Peter lays out a compelling vision of the direction we need to take. He has already shown he can inspire congregations to adapt to new circumstances. Please join me in supporting Peter to be the next UUA president. I want a faith that feels a strong urgency to get “out there” and really make a difference in the world.

Linda Laskowski
UUA Trustee from the Pacific Central District
Member, Governance Working Group of the UUA Board


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